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  The oil finish on this bottle, rather than the standard double ring, indicates it may well have been used for catsup in place of pepper sauce, even though with no pinpointing embossing or the initial label - of which this bottle has neither - it really is difficult to tell needless to say.  Click base graphic to check out this sort of which displays the M or W marking which may or may not be considered a makers marking; likely the latter.  (Photographs courtesy of Janis Scalone.)

Before barrel mustards (early 1880s and prior) tended to get relatively squattier (proportionally broader) using a wider bore or mouth, nevertheless these functions are relative and only moderately responsible in contacting a bottle "previously" or "later."  One example is, a comparison of the main pictured bottle (latest manufactured illustration pictured) to the 2nd and fourth bottles exhibits this refined but observable difference.

So, what do these bits of knowledge add up to?  Although the makers mark of S. G. CO. could conceivably stand for your names of many glass firms (most from the jap U. S.), specified the approximated age from the bottle (twenties or 1930s) and The placement from the diary person (south central Oregon) the initials Nearly unquestionably indicate production from the Southern Glass Business (Los Angeles, CA.) which was in business from 1918 to about 1930 and was known as a milk bottle producer (Toulouse 1971; Lockhart et al. 2009b).  Figuring out the maker narrows the manufacturing time down a bit far more.  However, the quantities within the rim with the finish are rim date codes - a bottle monitoring method employed by West Coastline glassmakers with the mid-nineteen twenties to early 1930s - indicating that this bottle was produced in February ("two") of 1925 ("5").

Sauces and condiments are lumped jointly On this portion a result of the similarity in the goods, i.e., flavoring garnishments for foods.  Sauces tend to be regarded condiments, however not all condiments are sauces - if one particular defines sauce as being extra liquid than not.  On the other hand, these two types of bottles do have some functional differences from one another regarding the overall designs.

The Civil War (1860s) era mustard barrel to the still left is embossed with WESTERN / SPICE MILLS and is an extremely crudely made, early mustard bottle although it is not pontil scarred.  (Impression from eBay®.)  It truly is four¾" tall, colorless (faintly grey), and Nearly absolutely has no proof of mold air venting.  In addition, it has an incredibly crudely cracked-off (or burst-off) finish with just a little grinding done to your finish rim to keep from staying dangerously sharp.  Western Spice Mills was a St.

Barrel mustard bottles - determined by glassmaker catalogs along with the authors empirical observations - are dominated by These with three molded rings (aka staves, bands) above and below the central label spot, much like the examples pictured listed here.  Other conformations starting from two to at the very least six rings have also been observed in addition to some with vertical staves.  Most examples have rings that happen to be separated by a distinct House, like the example earlier mentioned left.  Mustard was also packaged in other styles of ceramic and glass bottles (examples talked about beneath) while the barrel shape is considered the most closely associated with the product or service (Switzer 1974; Zumwalt 1980).

  This is trying to keep Along with the observation that as the final 3rd in the nineteenth century progressed the complexity of design and style lowered on gothic bottles in general.  Click the next inbound links to view a lot more photographs of this pickle bottle:  base watch demonstrating the round foundation plate indentation; near-up from the shoulder, neck and end displaying the reasonably crude rolled or applied finish.

Lea & Perrins® bottles are special info really very likely the most often discovered embossed bottle on mid-19th to early twentieth century historic web-sites.  The writer has observed them inside the trash dumps ranging from the fanciest significant metropolis motels to isolated sheep camps in The nice Basin.  They arrived in at the least 3 dimensions - fifty percent pint (likely the most typical dimension), pint, and quart although the two larger sized measurements at least were probably "scant" measurements, i.

Obelisk Brand Pickles - This colorless bottle is embossed horizontally on one particular panel with OBELISK / BRAND / TRADE (picture of an Egyptian obelisk with palm trees) MARK / PICKLES/ BEACH & SHERWOOD / N. Y.  The Beach & Sherwood partnership started about 1876 - the merging of the pickling concern and vinegar maker - and lasted by way of no less than the late 1880s, nevertheless Sherwood was also observed being an "importer" in 1893 (Zumwalt 1980).  This instance is just under six" (fifteen cm) tall, contains a tooled, just one-element vast (for It truly is modest dimensions) patent complete, and was blown inside of a cup-bottom mold with a few evidence of air venting incorporated in the embossing pattern.

The two the four (square) and 6 sided (hexagonal) patterns seem to have appeared concerning the similar time (1840s) and both of those cross-segment shapes continued in use to some extent as late because the early twentieth century Whilst each configurations of your type have been most favored from about 1850 with the 1880s (Deiss 1981; empirical observations).  The picture to the above appropriate displays a base look at of each conformations.  Gothic sauce bottles were primarily utilized for pepper sauces of different sorts Together with the use for other sauces/condiments (catsup/ketchup and a few syrups) developing to some lesser degree (Switzer 1974; McKearin & Wilson 1978).

Dating summary/notes:  The couple of jars presented On this section only scratches the surface area of The range of jars that utilized some type of the external steady threaded "Mason" closure over the interval from before the Civil War in the complete twentieth century to your current.  It should be pointed out that Mason jars nearly always have some kind of proprietary or brand embossing on your body and/or The bottom; unembossed illustrations are quite unusual (Creswick 1987).

Additional illustrations might be included in the future as there are plenty of kinds of usually encountered cylindrical food items bottles...

Begin to see the introduction to this "Canning Jars" part above for general manufacturing relevant diagnostic courting information for canning jars.

The use of containers of assorted elements - pottery/ceramic, several metals, and glass - to consist of milk for storage and transportation goes again to antiquity.  The very first utilization of these containers is not known even though milk from domesticated cattle, goats and sheep was being utilized in the Middle East at least 6000 to 9000 decades back; the milking of cattle within the U.

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